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Musings at the Beach… Including a Crab Fight!

June 30, 2008

Well, I said that this blog would not be photos and stories about my weekends, and it looks like I’m going to fail on those counts already. It is in the name of science, however.

Every bay I know of seems to have a corresponding volunteer organization whose mission is to save it. Over the weekend, a friend and I attempted to participate with one such organization. I was sort of just along for the ride on this one, but as I understand it, divers harvest this underwater grass, which is vital to the health of the bay ecosystem. Our job as volunteers was to sit on the beach organizing this grass into bundles, which would be transported to another part of the bay, that is short on grass, for transplantation. However, to our embarrassment, we showed up at the part of the bay volunteers were working at last week, and they had moved on.

Though we couldn’t do anything to save it by ourselves, the bay was desolate in the cloudy humid morning, which gave us an excellent opportunity to explore all the nature laying about. I have a tendency to turn into a question machine from time to time, soliciting those around me for all their knowledge and any theories they care to share on every matter that pops to mind, and nothing sets this off quite like nature. Stuffy scientist stereotypes in the general public seem foreign and incongruous to me, since my own behavior in the face of nature is more akin to that of a curious child. My companion and I taught each other some of the facts were knew, and came up with some new theories about the workings of all sort of natural elements. Casually observing aquatic life for a couple hours doesn’t exactly produce rigorous scientific theories, but these sort of curious observations of nature are the spark that propels people to do rigorous studies. It’s from the curiosity that we all have about the world around us and everything in it that all scientific knowledge is born.