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Baby’s First Science Post

May 31, 2008

This is my first post in a proper blog. And by “proper blog“, I suppose I mean “blog on a mission”, as opposed to a personal blog aimed at an audience of friends and family alone. Time will tell if this blog contains more or less colorful language than my personal writings, though I am fairly certain it will contain less photographs of my neighborhood and witty tales about my weekends.

I suppose I should actually state a mission. It will be amusing and possibly informative to look back while from now and see what I thought this blog‘s mission might be at its conception. Well, here is goes:

I have decided to share with an internet audience my thoughts on science, of which I have a wide variety. I intend to place particular emphasis on explaining elements of the hard sciences — concepts, experimental techniques, why you should care if you don’t already, etc — in a way that is comprehensible to any adult of sound mind who desires to learn, regardless of educational background in science (or lack thereof).

Why might you be interested in anything I have to say? That is a very good question, and I hope you asked yourself it. In a nutshell: because I am a scientist who talks pretty. I am good at explaining things to people from many backgrounds, and I do actually know a thing or two about science, a broad subject full of topics that are mystifying and vague to many an otherwise well-informed reader.


Dyslexic Mathematician